Monday, January 23, 2012

The World's 30% Population is Active Internet Users?

Now, among the world's total population about 30 percent is of active Internet users. Swedish traffic to the site pindama - theodolite result of the recent one says, the world's 210 million people are now actively using the Internet. News sin-eta-off.

Pindama the survey says, in 2000 the number of Internet users was 36 million in the world. But within 1 decade it stands to go. Among the 7 continents the most Internet users is in Asia. The continent's millions of active Internet users, the number are about 940 million. The second location in Europe – off there are about 476 million  active Internet users . The third of the continent is North America and in North America there are about 280 million active Internet users.

If we consider about the country then we find that the most Internet user country is China . Pindama - the survey says, at present the number of active Internet users is about 48 million, which is 36 per cent of the total population. However, China Internet Network Information Center (sienaenaaisi) - This information is in accordance with 50 million Internet users in China exceeded.

Note, however, 15 December regularity Bangladesh Telecom Commission Limited (BTCL)- which, according to the information under The number of active Internet user in Bangladesh is about 20 million.

Pindama - the survey says, in the 2011 the number of e-mail account was about 310 million in the world. The most popular e-mail service in Hotmail because of the 36 million users, there are still sarbhisatite. In 2011 Hotmail celebrates its 40th birthday by sending their first mail.

On December 2011, 50 the number of internet user about 50 to 55 million. The domain registrar was 220 million which has been said about 95 during the site. Social media and the Internet, visit the new mobile phone that pindama - the survey says. At 2011, according to government data, 80 million Internet users are on Facebook, Twitter and 200 million users there.

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