Thursday, October 6, 2011

Secure Web Browsing With Jumpto

We live in the age of science and technology. Everything is close to our hand because of the internet. Because of the convenience, we have become very dependent to it. It is hard to spend even a day without the help of internet. Whenever we need to know anything, we check it out using search engines. The shopping, education, meeting with friends, business every sector is dependent  to it. That's where browsers come in. Browsers have made it so easy to surf over the internet. Just type the web-address and the result will be displayed instantly. There are numerous browsers to access internet. Jumpto is a new browser with high security. There are many differences between Jumpto and other browsers.

This browser gives you many safety and facilities which are absent in other browsers. You probably have faced a lot of problem due to various restriction in many websites. There are many of your favorite websites that you can't enter because of these restriction. For safety reason your browser may not permit you to many websites. Using Jumpto, you can browse those websites where you can’t enter for safety problem, ISP problem, or for your country’s restriction. An encrypted multi-layer proxy system is used in this browser for which you can overcome these problems. Jumpto provides extra layer of security and it saves your computer from most of the threats. This browser gives you the freedom to use internet as you wish.

When you are using internet with a browser, you can access almost anything. All the websites are not informative and appropriate for children. They might need the help of internet for the class project, but there is a possibility that they might get in touch with inappropriate content. As good parents you must control your children’s web browsing. For this purpose the recent versions of Jumpto browser has added new features named “Secure Browsing” and “Secure Kids”. This browser provides you these facilities by which you can monitor your children’s browsing history, search history, and login credentials. This will help you to take further actions to restrict your children’s web browsing in inappropriate sites. There are many more safety programs like this which have been added in this browser to give you full control of what you do.

High speed communication like email, data and file share is an important media to get connected with one another. The upcoming versions of Jumpto will contain these features. Secure File Sharing, Secure Mail, Secure Communicate, Secure Backup, Secure Bit Torrent and Secure Access will be added in next version of Jumpto browser. Jumpto aims at providing highest security while you browse over the internet. By the help of Jumpto cloud you can easily store your data and share your media. These upcoming features will make your life easier and more comfortable.

The download, installation and use of Jumpto is very easy. Just install it one time and access whenever you want. The using instructions are very easy and simple. Jumpto offers many plans for your convenience. You can choose your desired one. Jumpto free plan will provide you 250MB of bandwidth use in a month. There are more good news for Jumpto users. If you add one more Jumpto user, you will be permitted to use another 250MB. Every successful reference give you bonus bandwidth of 250MB and this is up to 4.75 GB. If you want to get more you have to be a paid subscriber. You can also buy “pay as you go”.

This browser gives you the freedom of internet use and freedom of bonus both. If you are tired of traditional browser because of its lack of security and restriction, Jumpto can be your best choice.


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